Eddie O’Driscoll

Eddie O’Driscoll, CEO

Eddie founded Auctioneera, Ireland’s largest fixed fee estate agency in 2018. Like everyone else who interfaces with the Irish conveyancing system, he found it to be extremely slow, cumbersome, and tortuously frustrating. It is fair to say that no one is remotely satisfied with how long it takes to transfer title in Ireland.

While solicitors toil heroically, with little thanks, daily in the system, no one seemed to be analysing the system itself to identify process optimisation opportunities and to explore where technology could be applied to make things more efficient. Solicitors reasonably contend that, as legal scholars and practitioners, system design and optimisation is not their brief; that’s reasonable. So those who understand the process aren’t working to change it as they’re too busy implementing it, and those who could change it don’t understand it.

Accordingly, following an exhaustive multi-disciplinary consultation period between solicitors and software engineers, and a three-year development journey, he launched Conveyance Tracker as a platform to revolutionise how conveyances are performed, to the benefit of all stakeholders.

“Solicitors didn’t study law in order to spend their time chasing BER certs and LPT printouts!”

By automating or streamlining every constituent step in the process, solicitors are freed up to focus on the legal aspects of a file, rather than on the seemingly countless hours of endless document gathering and administration. Solicitors didn’t study law in order to spend their time chasing BER certs and LPT printouts!

Eddie’s hope is that with ongoing engagement with all stakeholders nationwide, the vision of bringing the average conveyance time from three months to three weeks will be realised. If it is, this will be transformative for every conveyancing solicitor in the country.